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Operation Agency Freedom Podcast

Sep 2, 2021

July was one of our slowest sales months, but it wasn’t a reason for us to freak out. We knew we had the money needed to cover everything so we can continue running our agency business. This sounds like a dream for most agency owners, but the reality is you can also get to this point. You can sleep soundly, too, knowing that every month revenue will come through the door. How? You ask? 

This is what Chris Martinez talks about in this podcast. He shares tried and proven ways you can generate thousands of dollars through MRR. Chris also discusses why agencies have difficulty selling and fulfilling MRR and the solutions to overcome those difficulties. 

If you’re an agency owner struggling with selling MRR, looking to grow your MRR, or want to fulfill MRR projects better. You will benefit from tuning in to this episode. 

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 

3:54 For agencies, selling is the easy part 

5:36 Why is MRR so difficult to sell and fulfill?

6:32 You are not positioning your MRR products correctly

7:08 Sell the team of experts and outcomes clients will get 

10:17 You are not pricing things appropriately

10:30 Take a look at the Cost of Goods Sold and Net Income to price appropriately

13:37 You are breaking your backs to fulfill MRR projects 

13:44 Create SOPs for all of your deliverables 

14:03 Key to know what MRR products to offer 

16:50 Anybody should be able to do the SOP process 

17:26 What is a good churn rate? 

17:54 Solve your churn problem with this method - Bridge, Connect, and Deliver 


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